Live Seminar : Trading the VIX During COVID-19 Pandemic

Discover Profitable Setups, and Manage Risk

When: This Webinar Occurred on March 29th, 2020.

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Capitalize on High VIX While Managing Risk

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How does the VIX behave in bear markets differently from bull markets? What positions work, and what mistakes should you avoid? VIXMon is hosting a special 2 hour masterclass this Sunday March 29th to present the next big wave of opportunities after the first, big vol shock.

Learning Goals

  • Avoid the deadliest mistakes in high VIX regimes. “Normal rules” don’t apply to VIX in high vol regimes. We present an alternate set of rules to follow when trading the VIX in high vol regimes.
  • Learn the 5 key trades that work well in high VIX regimes The trades that do well in high VIX regimes have little to do with what works in "normal" market conditions.
  • Learn to size vix positions to manage risk High VIX environment + Bad Risk Management = Blowup. We suggest ways to mitigate risks, take profits intelligently, and protect downside.
  • Learn the most optimal ways to bet on re-normalization. Shorting vol here is tempting, but hard to do it right. We reveal our playbook on how to short vol here.

Join the Virtual Seminar

  • Seats are limited to 20
  • Intended Audience
    • Some prior exposure to VIX helpful, but not required
  • Q&A session with instructors to analyze your trade ideas
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Presenter - Head Trader | John Hwang, CEO of VIXMON

John has traded VIX for 11 years since the launch of VXX, and was the head VIX trader at Morgan Stanley. He has made over $80million dollars trading VIX futures and S&P options, through both arbitrage and systematic strategies. He is also the author of “VIX Futures, and VIX ETNs” in 2013, which became a cult classic after John took it off Amazon. Prior to MS, John worked at Goldman Sachs’s Fixed Income Exotics desk, pricing mortgage exotics. John holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford, and currently lectures Distributed Systems at University of Washington’s Computer Science department.

Presenter - Head Quant | Dennis Dzekounoff

Dennis is a quantitative options strategist and the chief writer at OnlyVix. Dennis has worked for top automated market making firms (Cutler Group, Toro Trading), and has developed numerous trading models for FORT LP. Dennis is trained in mathematics at University of Chicago, and is also a consultant for virtual reality startups.

Why You Need To Rethink VIX in High Vol Regimes

High VIX regimes pose traders – especially the newcomers to vol – with a great dilemma.

  • Volatility seems too high to go long.

    The VIX curve has surpassed the 2008 levels at most points. It is unlikely that there’s much upside to buying VXX here.. Or is there?
  • Shorting volatility is intriguing, but scary.

    Shorting vol feels gut-wrenchingly scary, when the market can gap limit-down overnight on an every-other-day basis.
  • P&L swings too much for comfort.

    Even if you had a position on, vols move so fast, that even small mistakes can cause too much damage.
  • The low hanging fruits are gone.

    Now that the market has priced in the pandemic, there are no more “obvious” trades left.. Or so it seems.

Unfortunately, many VIX traders - especially newcomers - do not have a proven “roadmap” for navigating extreme volatility-of-volatility. Therefore, you may end up making preventable mistakes that cause you to whipsaw out of good positions, or miss the “real low hanging fruits”. And because the VIX futures and ETFs are so volatile, a single mistake can cost massive damage - even if your positions are small.

To meet that gap, this special seminar - presented by a VIX veteran who made over $80 million trading VIX and been through 2008 Financial Crisis - will chart a playbook for navigating this regime: 1) what to expect in high vol regimes, 2) common mistakes to avoid, 3) trading setups that work in high vol regimes with limited downside. Then we will cap off with specific, optimized trade ideas that you can use to capitalize on your personal market views forward: bull, bear, and base scenarios. Whether you are bullish or bearish, you will take away concrete ideas you can implement in your personal trading.

What We Cover in The Seminar

  1. The differences and similarities between current COVID-19 crisis and the 2008 Financial Crisis

    and what this means for the VIX, VXX, and VIX term structure. Learn what patterns you CANNOT count on, given how the current crisis is drastically different from the 2008 crisis, and what the VIX curve is telling us.

  2. How VIX behaves when we enter protracted recessions.

    What typically happens to vol and vol term structure as the market enters solidly into the bear market, and what patterns you can count on.
  3. How to capitalize on various scenarios,

    including: 1) v-shaped recoveries, 2) prolonged recessions, 3) sideways markets. Exactly what low-risk / high-upside opportunities you can find in the current landscape. What positions should you be considering, depending on your view on the market (bear, bull, base).
  4. How to take profits on long vol positions, if you have any.

    Should you take profits on your long vol positions? Exactly how should you close the position? Hedging further sell-off in the S&P 500. Should you initiate long vol… here? How do you play for the “systematic meltdown / collapse scenario” to hedge further panic?
  5. What if you have no view on the market, but just want to trade vol?

    We forecast how the VIX behaves during side ways action in the market, and suggest the exact trades to put on.
  6. Finally… our favorite VIX option plays when VIX is above 50.

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  • Not miss out on the next wave of generational profit opportunities in VIX. The VIX will eventually come down, but when? With our insights, you can increase your odds of getting short vol “right”.
  • Save $1,000, $10,000, or $1,000,000’s (depending on your portfolio size) by avoiding preventable rookie mistakes that can put you in the red. When the market’s moving 10% a day, there’s no room for silly mistakes, since they are costly.
  • Express your trade idea with precision. Ever wondered whether you were putting on the “right” trade to express your view on market? We will give you flexible and optimal ways to express your market views so that you will not need to spend
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If you are a COMPLETE beginner to both options and VIX, then I'd recommend taking our VIX Trader Accelerator seminar for a crash course. But if you are already trading options, you will benefit from this seminar. All our concepts will be explained in plain English as much as possible. While prior exposure to VIX is helpful, it is not necessary to understand the concepts laid out in the seminar. That said, solid knowledge of high school level math is essential, because VIX is an options product.

Yes - we will tell you the positions we are thinking of putting on - given the levels of the VIX curve after market close on March 27th. Of course, depending on how the vols and the curve move from Saturday to the following week, the trade ideas may or may not be the same.

And finally, the standard disclaimers apply. We are not recommending you copy these trades, and you may lose all your money.

Yes - prior trading experience with VIX can only increase how much you get out of this seminar. Also, since we will end the seminar with some specific trade ideas, you will take away something tangible, too.

The conference call is held over Zoom ( 15 minutes prior to the call, we will send you a meeting invite link.

Even if you miss it for some reason, we will give you access to a live recording of the seminar, valid for 30 days.

No, we ask you to reserve separate spots because of limited spots available.

Since this is a live seminar, we are providing our time. Thus, we cannot provide refunds if you participated in the session. If you have to cancel and do so 24 hours prior to start, then we will provide a refund less transaction fees.