Live Training: The VIX Trader Bootcamp

The Complete Guide to VXX, TVIX, and Futures for Beginners

When: Sunday, April 12th, 2020, Noon - 2 PM EST / 9 AM - 11 AM PST

Limit 10 Seats Over Zoom Teleconference.

Learn to Trade VIX with Confidence

...without spending years making mistakes

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  • Registration Limit: 10
  • Length: 2 Hours
  • Intended Audience
    • Beginners to VIX trading
  • Exclusive Q&A session Included.

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Looking to trade VXX and VIX futures with confidence? Don't want to learn by trial-and-error? Break into VIX trading with the help of the former head of VIX at Morgan Stanley. We break down all aspects of VIX futures and VIX ETPs (e.g. VXX) so that even newcomers can easily learn and apply.

Learning Goals

  • Discover how VXX, TVIX, and VIX futures “really work.” Learn the hidden forces that drive VXX and VIX futures so you can navigate them with confidence.
  • Learn how to avoid the top mistakes that cause 90%+ of trading losses. Save tens of thousands of dollars by learning from timeless mistakes that traders repeat all the time trading volatility.
  • Learn to interpret the VIX term structure like a pro, and identify trading opportunities. VIX term structure gives you an abundance of trading signals… and yet most traders waste them. We will show you exactly what signals to watch.
  • Learn specific, proven trading setups to capitalize on both long AND short sides of volatility. We show you trades you can implement straight away, even with small accounts.

Join the Live Seminar

  • Registration Limit: 10
  • Length: 2 Hours
  • Intended Audience
    • Beginners to VIX trading
  • Exclusive Q&A session Included.

(Spots Left: 10)

Presenter - Head Trader | John Hwang, CEO of VIXMON

John was the head VIX trader at Morgan Stanley, and has traded VIX for 11 years around the launch of VXX. He has made over $80million dollars trading VIX futures and S&P options, through both arbitrage and systematic strategies. He is also the author of “VIX Futures, and VIX ETNs” in 2013, which became a cult classic after John took it off Amazon. Prior to MS, John worked at Goldman Sachs’s Fixed Income Exotics desk, pricing mortgage exotics. John holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford, and currently lectures Distributed Systems at University of Washington’s Computer Science department.

Our Students Immediately Benefit from New Knowledge

From a pro who has been to over 20+ options seminars...

From a person who was looking to take profit on TVIX. He immediately booked 20% profit after my short vol call.

From a retired options trader who's new to VIX options...

And many more satisfied customers.

Why Most Traders Fail at Trading VIX Products

The massive volatility of VIX presents a double edged sword: you can either win big, or lose massively.

So most traders get excited about this volatility...... so they jump head-first without the requisite preparation...

Unfortunately, traders end up underestimating the challenges of trading volatility:

  • VIX products are 2-3X more volatile than most stocks

    This means you can lose money FASTER. Thus, you need to manage risk differently. Because VXX and VIX futures move so wildly, even small positions can do massive damage to P&L.
  • VIX can't be analyzed like stocks

    VIX is a volatility product, and you can’t analyze it like a stock. Those who do will get crushed. You need a different framework for analyzing the VIX.
  • VIX ETFs and Futures have a lot of "technicalities" that you cannot "skip"

    VIX products are ultimately derivatives, so there are some technical details you must understand.
  • VIX trading requires you to bet on volatility, not direction

    Most traders think VXX & TVIX, etc, are just another way to bet on market direction.. But - in fact - you are betting on volatility. Two very different things.

Unfortunately, many beginners to VIX do not have a proven plan nor strategy for betting on volatility.

In fact, they approach VXX and VIX futures, etc, with a “stock trading mindset” - and this is absolutely dangerous, because VIX doesn’t move like stocks at all. The worst part is, they aren’t aware of their own cognitive biases.

Therefore, you may end up making preventable mistakes that cause you to whipsaw out of good positions, or miss the “real low hanging fruits”. And because the VIX futures and ETFs are so volatile, a single mistake can cost massive damage - even if your positions are small.

To meet that gap, this special seminar - presented by a VIX veteran who made over $80 million trading VIX and been through 2008 Financial Crisis - will get you quickly up to speed on all aspects of VIX trading you need to learn.

Then we will cap off with specific trade ideas that you can use to capitalize on your personal market views forward: bull, bear, and base scenarios. Whether you are bullish or bearish, you will take away concrete ideas you can implement in your personal trading.

What We Cover in The Seminar

  1. How Each Product Works – In Depth & Explained in Plain English

    To be successful with VIX, you need a strong understanding of how each VIX instrument works. We will explain how VIX futures, VXX, TVIX, and VXZ - the four pillars - work from ground up, and in full detail.
  2. How to Dissect the VIX Term Structure for Signals

    The best opportunities come from trading the VIX term structure. Learn to interpret the VIX term structure correctly, so you don’t miss out on the next big moves in vol.
  3. The differences and similarities between current COVID-19 crisis and the 2008 Financial Crisis

    and what this means for the VIX, VXX, and VIX term structure. Learn what patterns you CANNOT count on, given how the current crisis is drastically different from the 2008 crisis, and what the VIX curve is telling us.

  4. How to Profit from Long Volatility Positions

    Long volatility trades are great ways to hedge your stock gains, and to profit from market crashes. Learn the best times to put these trades on
  5. How to Manage Risk with VIX positions

    Since VIX products can move 2, 3X as volatile as the S&P 500, you must keep risk under control. Learn how to size positions on long or short sides, while avoiding blow ups
  6. How to Put on Short Volatility Positions

    Learn intelligent ways to bet on $VIX going down, while keep risk under control - whether you are shorting VXX, VXZ, or VIX Futures
  7. How to capitalize on various scenarios,

    including: 1) v-shaped recoveries, 2) prolonged recessions, 3) sideways markets. Exactly what low-risk / high-upside opportunities you can find in the current landscape. What positions should you be considering, depending on your view on the market (bear, bull, base).
  8. Finally… our favorite VIX option plays during the Covid-19 crisis

Now is the Time to Learn to Trade Volatility

What if you could avoid losing money in bear markets?

Those who watched the VIX index saw the market crash brewing BEFORE the actual crash, allowing them ample time to liquidate, and protect over 30%+ in performance gains through hedging. How? That’s because in crisis, option volatility (and hence the VIX index) is a LEADING indicator to big crashes.

So what about now, given that the VIX has already spiked up? Simply put, if you believe in a continued crisis for the foreseeable future - then there will be plenty of opportunities to profit by betting long vol. And if you believe in a fast recovery, there will be generational profit opportunities by shorting the VIX.

That’s the beauty of trading VIX futures & VIX ETPs - you can make money regardless of the directionality of your view. Unlike stock picking - where it’s typically FAR easier to profit during bull markets.

Register Now, and Learn to Trade VIX in a Day

By registering now and taking away our special roadmap for navigating VIX in these uncharted waters, you will:

  • Not miss out on the next wave of generational profit opportunities in VIX. The VIX will eventually come down, but when? With our insights, you can increase your odds of getting short vol “right”.
  • Save $1,000, $10,000, or $1,000,000’s (depending on your portfolio size) by avoiding preventable rookie mistakes that can put you in the red. When the market’s moving 10% a day, there’s no room for silly mistakes, since they are costly.
  • Express your trade idea with precision. Ever wondered whether you were putting on the “right” trade to express your view on market? We will give you flexible and optimal ways to express your market views so that you will not need to spend
Special *Bonus* for Registrants:
  • Access to exclusive Q&A Session ($149 value) We will answer trading-related questions you submit. Talk over your OWN trade ideas and positions with pros.
  • Get a 7 day free access ($99 value) to my daily VIX analysis emails to paid VIXMon PRO subscribers.
  • 14 day access to the recording of the presentation.

Special Early-Bird Offer: $379 $699 (-46% off)


Questions? Send an email to

Yes - but you only need to understand a subset of options theory to trade VIX. And in this bootcamp, we will provide you with sufficient and necessary options theory to get you up to speed.

If you consider yourself to be solid on the basics of VIX products trading, then you will love the VIX trading advanced seminar. The advance version goes into the specifics of how to trade the VIX in high volatility regimes like right now, and why the VIX term structure moves the way it does.

Yes - we will tell you the positions we are thinking of putting on - given the levels of the VIX curve after market close on the day prior to the seminar. Of course, depending on how the vols and the curve move from Saturday to the following week, the trade ideas may or may not be the same.

And finally, the standard disclaimers apply. We are not recommending you copy these trades, and you may lose all your money.

Yes - prior trading experience with VIX can only increase how much you get out of this seminar. Also, since we will end the seminar with some specific trade ideas, you will take away something tangible, too.

The conference call is held over Zoom ( 15 minutes prior to the call, we will send you a meeting invite link.

Even if you miss it for some reason, we will give you access to a live recording of the seminar, valid for 14 days.

No, we ask you to reserve separate spots because of limited spots available.

Since this is a live seminar, we are providing our time. Thus, we cannot provide refunds if you participated in the session. If you have to cancel and do so 24 hours prior to start, then we will provide a refund less transaction fees.